Buzz Activations and Promotions

This is the driving force of Buzzworthy. We believe in connecting the brand to the people it was created for in a way that is meaningful and has lasting impact. A good idea has to sell! Above that, a good idea has to be brought to life! We offer a 360° solution to all activation and promotional needs.

This includes:

  • Design of branding elements and printing
  • Concept Creation and development
  • Implementation with promoters
  • Feedback

We get in touch with your brand/ brands through extensive research. We believe in research as the cornerstone of any great idea and or solution. We that will enable consumers to engage with your brand in the most Buzzworthy way, making sure that we fully utilize your budget to get the most out, for both brand and consumer.

Our promoters are always ready with intense training, education and a friendly attitude to inform budding consumers all about your brand.

Our activations cater for every step: From concept right through to implementation and feedback.

  • Shopping Malls
  • In store
  • Street
  • Specialised events
  • Social
  • Taxi Ranks/ Bus Stations
  • We essentially go wherever the consumers are


We look forward to hearing from you.